Miguel Espinel (b. 1986) is a Venezuelan composer based in the United States.
Espinel obtained his BA in Music and German from Texas A&M University,
where he received composition lessons from Peter Lieuwen and worked on different
composition projects with Jeff Morris, Marty Regan and David Wilborn.
He is currently completing his MA in Music (Composition) at the University of North Texas,
where he's had composition lessons with Andrew May and Panayiotis Kokoras.
At UNT, he had the chance to work in the largely collaborative intermedia
installation Nanogalactic (2015), directed by David Stout.
Espinel has presented works in the 2015 Electric LaTex Festival at
Rice University in Houston, TX, as well as the
Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 2017
Conference held at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN.

Espinel has also had the opportunity to participate in UNT's Nova, Gamelan, and Chinese music ensembles;
directed by Elizabeth McNutt, Ed Smith, and Yuxin Mei, respectively.
Espinel currently performs in the electroacoustic improvisation duo Monte Espina,
along with fellow Venezuelan improviser and visual artist Ernesto Montiel.

Some musical influences:
Electroacoustic music, computer music, free atonality, minimalism,
serialism, impressionism, sound-mass, musique concrète, ambient music,
extreme metal, avant-rock, progressive rock, post-rock.

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