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Program Notes:

Lassitude - flute, clarinet, percussion

This piece is inspired by the combination of early twentieth century atonality and contemporary timbral exploration. The instrumentation consists of a flute, a clarinet and a percussion setup comprising a vibraphone and a kick drum which is prepared with an electric guitar string accross the drum head over a thin wooden bridge. The thematic concept of the piece is based on the creativity process of the sleep deprived brain. This is reflected in the calm-but-tense episodic moods and syncopated counterpoints that act as opposing forces driving the total momentum of the piece, evoking the act of mentally forcing the relaxed body to remain awake. The exploration of timbre is most present in the microtonal passages on the winds and the different playing styles on the drum's string with bows. To add a thematic ornament to the concept, the piece was written in various sessions under different degrees of sleep deprivation.




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