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Program Notes:

Unrealities - video

"I photograph what I think to be eerie and strange. A love of history combined with this fascination with off-kilter stories helped to initiate this project. I want to juxtapose the beauty of a young girl with unusual objects that suggest an unknown meaning. Concurrently, I attempt to share part of a secret make-believe history. Having collected certain curiosities for years, I have always felt that they concealed a secret past life. By placing them in contrast with formal, traditional beauty, I hoped to breathe new life into their stories and give importance to their past. I want to ask more questions, not give answers. Through the use of medium format black and white film, I have created a fantasy world with roots in past realities. Working in this method, I combine relics from the past, unknown stories and classic beauty to create an actuality that never really existed."

- Madison Somerville

The music for the video uses a flute, two digital mellotron tracks and a fixed media track created in the software Max/MSP. This fixed media track is the product of layered and processed electric guitar, bass guitar and autoharp improvisations which use Jitter to obtain visual data from the video itself to alter parameters of the sound as the video plays. The mellotron tracks were improvised over the processed tracks. Finally the flute was written in standard notation and performed by Melissa Krenek in the final recording.





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